You can hawk carrot cake in Singapore
20.12.2014 10:23

Singapore is a city where enterprises of any kind are established and flourish, no matter how bizarre or out of ordinary product you are trying to hawk, even if it is a carrot cake you want to sell in Singapore there are ways to become better carrot cake hawker as well.  However, the carrot cakes that are hawked and sold in Singapore are not the ordinary carrot cake, they specially fry carrot cakes.  Each area has its own carrot cake outlet and foodies swear by the carrot cakes sold in their favourite food outlet or eateries. Apart from the special food cakes, many exotic dishes are available in a good food bar in Singapore as well as a sports bar in Singapore. You can also get better wines and alcoholic drinks in the wine bars in Singapore.

Singapore carrot cakes originated in South China and used to be made of rice, but Singaporean cooks gave it extra flavour by adding radishes and frying it.  Radishes are called white carrot in China.  Carrot cakes are steamed or fried and a successful hawker uses both methods to entice customers.  However, steaming is a very hard procedure and some restaurants started frying the cakes that are less time consuming.  There are stalls in Singapore, where the hawker does not steam the cake, but uses a special black sauce to give it extra flavour.   However, whether steam, fried or smothered with special sauce the humble carrot cake has a special place in the list of exotic food in Singapore.

One often finds that Chinese cuisine influence is very prominent; however, it is modified and adapted to suit the palate of multi racial and multi cultural society in Singapore. Carrot cake is one such invention, it is not a cake that baked with cheese or walnuts, but has a delicious flavour or eggs.  It looks crispy but melts in the mouth.  With black or white sauce, the humble carrot cake that was once the food for the general public has been elevated to the food for Connoisseurs by adding special ingredients, and frying or steaming it to perfection. 



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