What is a good way to make Grilled Beef Skewers?
31.01.2015 16:09

The stunning bars and restaurants make Singapore one of the best places in the world to enjoy your leisure time. If you want to know where to drink in Singapore, you will not have to crack your brains because of the wide variety of options available in every nook and corner of the city. There are many amazing bars in the country that provide you with a stunning ambience and the classiest drinks from around the world. Another reason that makes Singapore bars a hot favorite is the splendid varieties of scrumptious dishes served. Grilled Beef Skewers is one of the most delectable dishes served at the classy restaurants and elegant bars in the country. Once you order the dish at one of the best food and beverage joints in the country, you would want to try your hand in preparing the dish at home too.

Grilled beef skewers can be prepared in a variety of ways. If you bring in changes to the choice of ingredients used to prepare this dish, you will be able to enjoy some amazingly delectable delicacies. The choice of ingredients used to marinade the beef brings in a massive difference to the way the dish is prepared. If you are using vinegar or lemon, you should not refrigerate the meet for a long duration.
If you are using only spices and oil on the beef, you will have to refrigerate it overnight before starting off with the cooking process. The major spices used are garlic, ginger, pepper, and cardamom. The wooden skewers that you use for the process should be kept immersed in water for an hour at least before it is used for cooking. This will help to avoid overheating of the dish.

Using capsicum and tomato slices in between the beef cubes on the skewers will help to enhance the taste of the dish. Once you get this all ready, you should preheat the oven and then place the beef skewers and cook for about 15 minutes. When you visit the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore, you will be able to order lip smacking varieties of the Grilled Beef Skewers delicacy. You can check with the chefs for innovative combinations of spices in preparing this dish and try out the same at home. 



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